A New Year 2010 To Start Something Fresh...
Just over a year ago, I purchased X-Plane 9 and just never installed it to see what are the big changes and differences between version 8 and 9. Surprisingly enough I found it to be of a significant change. Better graphics, better flight model and more realistic. I was so impressed I started flying X-Plane 9, did many of the patches and upgrade to current version 9.50. If you are a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulation 2004 or X, I have to say, X-Plane 9 blows it out of the water!
To know more about X-Plane 9, I encourage you to visit X-Plane Website, just click on the high lighted link and explore a new world with X-Plane, you will love it. Because I love flight simulation so much I have decided to create a new addition to my site, X-Plane add-on all in one location, I will continue to update my site to reflect other developers products and for the one's which are free you may have the opportunity to download straight from my site. I have notice that some of the website I have downloaded most of my freeware add-on's... these sites are no longer, so I know how frustrating it can be when you are searching the net and when you think you found what you are looking for is no longer instead you get a message telling you site is no longer available. Hopefully at the end of the summer, I will have this new addition to my site up online and with available downloads and links pointing to other X-Plane scenery sites.
NOTE: My site will not contain any add-on products which I have purchased, there will be a link to the parties website where you can purchased these add-on, I think it's only fair, these guys work really hard creating their master piece and it should not be given for free, enjoy, Now go and fly the excitement of X-Plane!