Your Instructions for .DLL Use:
NOTE: For some of the collections, you will need 16-bit color to view them properly...
To use "(Library Name) .DLL", notice that this file has right protection embedded in the file and that I have written this collection in Windows 95 File System. Remember Changing the file name or changing the file properties can corrupt usage of this file.

Win3x 1. Under Windows 3.x the file "(Library Name) .DLL" supports backwards compatibility. To change your icons on your desktop from Progman Manager, click on your icon representing. "etc. Write" and click on File, then Properties, you will get a dialog box containing the Icon properties, notice there is a button name "Change Icon" click on it and then you will get another dialog box showing the default Icon for that file. Notice it will say "C:\WINDOWS\WRITE.EXE", now change the WRITE.EXE to "C:\WINDOWS\"(Library Name) .DLL" then click on OK, you will now see the icons contain in the DLL file. Now you can scroll through the collection and pick your new Icon for Write.

WinNT 3x 2. Same as Win3x above.

Win95x/Win2000 3. Under Windows 95 the file name will be called "(Library Name) .DLL". First right click on the Start button on your Taskbar, down to your Open, then click on Open, you will get a Folder open on your desktop, then double click on Programs, there you will see Accessories, Games, etc., in those folders are Icons with shortcuts. Notice it will only work on shortcut icons and DOS shortcut icons only. Until Microsoft change these specifications, then you might be able to change the icons on your desktop like My Computer, My Briefcase, Recycle Bin, etc.

Using your right mouse button by clicking on the icon in your Accessories, Games, etc., you will get a pull down menu with menu Properties at the bottom of the pull down menu. Click on Properties there you will get the icon General and Shortcut properties. Click on Shortcut, then click on Change Icon... a Change Icon dialog box will pop up with C:\WINDOWS\WORDPAD.EXE with icons in the current icon window, change the WORDPAD.EXE to "(Library Name) .DLL" then click on OK, there you will see the New Icon Collection, now you can choose your new icon and then click on OK to accept the changes, then click on Apply to save your new icon, or OK to close the property window.

NOTE: To Advanced Users Only!

You can change any file with and without and icon in your system. To do this open your Explorer Window and click on View, Option, File Types. Click on New File Type or Edit File Type. Proceed at your own risk.

Special Notes:

There is a bug in Microsoft Icon Viewer DLL library, in this collection there is 1000 icons, and in Chicago Windows 95 beta 2, you can only view 74 icons, sorry for the inconvenience, Microsoft will soon fix this problem. By the time Chicago "Windows 95" is release for public usage this problem should be fix, I hope, if not I may have to break down the collection into 6 parts in other to view it under Windows 95 until Microsoft fix the problem. Enjoy the collection under Windows 3.x and NT 3.x for NT 4.0 and Windows 95,98 you should have no problem viewing the Icon Collection and using them.

I hope you enjoy these collections as you did in Version 1.0

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