Fear Of Deception
1990 1st Place National Winner in Drawing Category

Drawn & Photograph by Benjamin George Jr.
In this drawing I use three different medium's, "Soft, Hard, and Medium" Berol RapiDesign and Pental pencil led. I can really see the difference from the first drawing I entered into the competition from the second. I am always willing to try something new.

 After winning 1st place national winner back in 1989, the year of 1990 was lot easier. So I gave it a new feel and some new techniques, I use three different medium's to complete this artwork, I use the same Berol RapiDesign and Pental pencil to draw this drawing and also I use a different technique in the way I textured the lively feelings from this drawing. It has a distinctive feel to it, the whole concept of this artwork was to improve my techniques after being told from the first competition that I needed to use different mediums when drawing. When I did, you can see the difference, I put a lot more details into it, than the first. So if you put these two drawing together, you will notice the texturing in both. I spent a lot of time on and the first drawing, and other I spent less time, just because I focus more on the speed of my work and also on detailing at a fast rate. Which I found to be quite remarkable, it was a success, when won 1st place national winner in LA, where the competition was held. It was a wonderful experience. If I could do it again, I won't change anything about it. Today I can say yes, God is wonderful because if it wasn't for him who put this talent into me, I would have found something else, but the rear case is I might not have found it. Cause when I started drawing when I was 9 years old and I lived in the Caribbean, in Calibishie Dominica.