Woman In Hat & Glove's
1989 1st Place National Winner in Drawing Category

Drawn & Photograph by Benjamin George Jr.
This drawing was created and drawn using a Berol RapiDesign and Pental drawing pencil using two medium's... "Hard & Soft Leads" and using a straight line technique while turning drawing pad around to get the fell and life like of leather and fir. This piece took me over a month to complete. Because I spent so much time perfecting it.

 Woman in Hat and Glove's was the theme that I use when the Berol RapiDesign and Pental Art drawing was entered into the NAACP art competition, I really didn't know what to call it, so I had to think while standing.. :) I know, it's sounds funny.. but I needed to make theme for this piece. After trying several times drawing this piece, I shoved this piece of art away, cause I had problem with the aspects of the way I wanted it to be. Well, when I found out that I could enter the competition and I should give it a try by a few of my professors who encourage me "Miss Tervernia" a wonderful teacher who always knew I could do better, "Mr. Zietla" who was always impressed with my work "Miss O'Brian" a funny teacher, but well known by many... she inspire me to do better... so I did.. and my success was because of the people who had trust and high aspects of my goals. Today, I can thank these people, for their encouragement and their famous words "Ben you can do better!" That is something I will never forget, and I also will never forget them either. My thanks goes out to the teachers who are listed above.