I am intoxicated by the sweet love of my girl.
Ever since we met,
She had fed the fires of my passion,
Bringing me higher than ever before.

I like to wait half naked stretched out on the floor,
And give her a special surprise.

As the lamplight shines on my nakedness,
She bends down and caresses my skin.

This makes my body hot and warm.

I do enjoy greeting her like this,
And welcome her firm hot lips as it glides over my warm body.

It brings me so much pleasure to see my girl abandon herself to lovemaking.

I relish the power of my lips,
Teeth and tongue as they magically slide over her firm breast.

I can take my girl in very deep and surround her with liquid warmth.

I feel hot when she moves hands in my hair.

I like when she pulls and tells me to suck harder.

I oblige her need and bring her paradise with my gentle lips.

Written by Benjamin George Jr