Loneliness comes if you believe in it
Sadness is when you give up on your dreams
Hopelessness is everything if you let it
Scared is when things are not what they seem
Now we share our life forever,
Meandering from lost love every day
People will always stay together,
Always knowing what to say

The way love is, is carrying me away
Telling me to stay,
You make me feel so strong,
Telling me nothing is wrong.

Happiness is if you accept it
Truthful means don't look the other way,
Being close means you will always be protected.
When you leave our love, it will be departed.
Now you are walking out the door,
I just don't know the reason why,
You said you can't take it no more,
So walk away and be sad,
Let your tears run you away.

Hearts of love you make me feel strong,
When I am next to you nothing can go wrong,
If only you knew with your light brown hair,
You got me hypnotize with that lovely stare
If only you normally do,
What you always do,

I have been flying away since I met you. All I want to do,
Is to squeeze you tight, make love to you all through the night.

You and me baby one on one, in the dark of the night,
Intermit attraction I will leave it up to you simple and plain
When you make up your mind you know my name

Written by Benjamin George Jr