For that one September day
You lifted up my heart with love that I never felt before
My heart cried out for your love, asking for a chance
A Chance to share something so special
Which was given from heaven for he first love me
The smile on your face brought me a feeling no one could take
Today, I stand with my chin up....
Hiding a shame I fear which humble me
For all the things that you may know
Who'd love to know how much you I really care
What is a better way to say it
I slept away the times you reached for me
My heart, overwhelm with the comfort of misunderstanding
I reached for your heart, and felt pushed away
I cried for your love, and became lonely
For all the times I needed you just to say how I felt
I felt you were not there for me
You comforted me at night on a April fourth year
I showed you my love, going thru wondrous valleys
For all the times you said you cared, I felt lonely
So unconditionally, you open up your heart with love
I got hurt wanting to take you beyond your wildest dreams
To show you things from my heart no one has ever seen before
For all the times a simple word and a simple smile would say...
From the time we met, you brought me lots of smiles
For all the times you were away, I sent my love
To you across many miles, high and low
I hope just once I've made a difference in your life for you and me
And to help make your day a brighter one, with a rose so bright
Your heart would flown thru heavens of lights that shine at night
As happy and as meaningful, as a memory from a bear mountain hug
In each and every way I open up my heart to you
Forgive me, for I have run into a sadness path
If only I could take back the sorrow which happen
I would shine your day with love and comfort for eternity
To give a chance to forgive and let go of bad times could change your heart
As I have done for you, to share my love open and wide
Is a moment in time which tells, I forgive your past, forgive mine to last
So many times before
For you deserve it all, a love that is so unspeakable, I will share with you
Hold me and cry, and I will make your dreams shine a ever lasting light
That and much, much more!
Love is around us, hold my hand and walk with me
For I stood beside you when you first called my name
The evening we share as one, I open up something unexpected
Unexpected, unconditionally eternally love
Now we live a life full of unhappiness
Searching for a spark that will open up a spot in your heart
Search low, he's walking in your path to make you smile
I live my life not knowing where I am going, or where it will take me

Written by Benjamin George Jr