I adore making love in the bath.
The idea of having wet sex with my favorite girl stimulate me,
causing my body to become as hot as the water I'm in. My tub is big enough for two.

Its sleek marble is a fragrance,
bubbly haven where my lover and I slowly caress each other,
me finding her wet body with my soapy hands, and her,
kissing my glistening flesh as tender-hearted; as steam curl around us.

Whether I'm beneath the still waters of my or under the hot,
pelting spray of my shower,
the sensation of warm water sliding down my body turns me on.

My body becomes alive after the first crystal splash.
I open myself to waves of pleasure by stroking sensuously and slowly with soapy hands.
Reaching climax in my private waterfall is the perfect way to begin the day.

Written by Benjamin George Jr